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Boost your conversions and AOV using personalized product recommendations

Aqurate Personalize helps eCommerce shops get the most out of each visitor, through AI-driven personalized product recommendations.


   Increase your monthly revenue by up to 30%

   Lower your customer acquisition cost

   Try it free for 30 days and see the results


Aqurate personalize - similar and cross-sell

High-growth eCommerce players choose Aqurate

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Increase your conversion rate and AOV


Nowadays, 71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized shopping experiences.

When customers experience AI-driven personalization, they quickly find the right products, spending more money on your website and returning for more purchases.

This translates into increased conversion rate, AOV, and customer retention.

Using Aqurate Personalize you can increase your monthly revenue by up to 30%, by recommending the right products for each customer.

Aqurate Personalize - similar recommendations
Aqurate personalized recommendations

Lower your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)


Online shops are now facing a constant increase in customer acquisition cost (CAC) due to growing competition that is reflected in bigger PPC costs.

By implementing an AI-driven product recommendation system like Aqurate Personalize, you increase the conversion rate and get the most out of each website visitor, lowering the CAC and making each dollar spent count.


Save time and money


Too many things to watch out for, right? Dealing with ever-changing stocks and product listings on a website can be overwhelming, especially when this job is done manually.

If a website is using a product recommendation widget that is manually set, errors will appear, and that will make your website visitors leave without purchasing.

Aqurate Personalize uses automation to display product recommendations and does not suggest out-of-stock products. Moreover, it automatically displays recommendations even for newly added product items. This saves you a lot of time and increases the conversion rate.

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Target users across multiple channels


Using Aqurate Personalize you can display personalized cross-sell and similar product recommendations on the website or app, both on the product detail page and cart (pop-up and page).

Moreover, you can use the product recommendations generated by Aqurate to send personalized newsletters with products with the highest conversion probability for each recipient.

Delivery channels

Aqurate Personalize helps you generate up to 30% higher revenue


Based on independent A/B tests, companies that use our personalized recommender system increased their sales by 7%-30%.

Aqurate's advanced product recommendations are based on Machine Learning models and work by observing your customers' behavior. This will help you and your shop get the best results and keep up with rising costs and competition.

Easy implementation

Up & running within 24 hours

No added load time

Delivery via API, no JS injection

Your native design

Fits your brand style

Ready to increase your revenue?

Free for 30 days. No credit card required.


Trusted by some of the fastest growing
retailers and eCommerce players in Europe

Aqurate Personalize helped us achieve a 13% increase in our net revenue, owed to displaying the right product recommendations to each website visitor. Thus, online shoppers were presented with an online experience tailored to their tastes, which led them to spend more.

We were pleased to see a 25% increase in our conversion rate, owed to a smart investment in Aqurate’s product recommendation engine. This way we invested in a long-term profit-generating tool and did not have to go beyond the allocated marketing budget to generate higher sales.

With so much of our focus going into day-to-day operations, being able to understand our performance along the customer journey provides a breath of fresh air.


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rate with Aqurate
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