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Boost your conversions and AOV using personalized product recommendations

Aqurate Personalize helps eCommerce shops get the most out of each visitor, through AI-driven personalized product recommendations.


   Increase your monthly revenue by up to 23%

   Personalize across web, email and app

   Activate advanced Merchandising rules

   Try it free for 30 days and see the results


Aqurate Personalize - AI product recommendations for eCommerce shops

High-growth eCommerce players choose Aqurate


Drive more sales and retain your customers with Aqurate


Recommend the right product for each customer, using personalized product recommendations in order to increase your conversion rate, AOV, and retention.

When customers experience AI-driven personalization, they quickly find the right products, spending more money on your website and returning for more purchases.

Aqurate Personalize - recommended-for-you example
"Recommended for you"
Use it on your Homepage to improve CLV
Aqurate Personalize frequently-bougth-together example
"Frequently bought together"
Use it on Product Detail Page & Cart to improve AOV
Aqurate Personalize Alternative-products examples
"Alternative products"
Use it on Product Detail Page to improve Conversion Rate
Aqurate Personalize Upsell examples
"Upsell to"
Use it on Product Detail Page to improve AOV
Aqurate Personalize New-in-store examples
"New in store"
Use it on Homepage to improve CLV
Aqurate Personalize Popular-now examples
"Popular now"
Use it on Homepage to improve Conversion Rate
  • Homepage

  • Product detail page

  • Category page

  • Cart

Aqurate - Homepage recommendations example

The Recommended for you widget tailors product recommendations to each user's unique tastes and interests.

  Higher conversion rate and increased CLV.

  Other available widgets you can add to your Homepage: New in store, Popular now, Recently viewed, Recently bought.

Aqurate product recommendations on product detail page - example

The Frequently bought together is a cross-sell widget that introduces customers to complementary products.

  Increase in Average Order Value of up to 16%.

  Other available widgets you can add to your Product Detail Page: Alternative products, Upsell to,  You may also like, Popular in category.

Aqurate Recommendations on Category Page - example

The Popular in Category recommendations widget, displayed on a category page, offers a set of products that are highly sought after and frequently purchased within that specific product category. 

  Increase in sales

  Other available widgets you can add to your Category Page: New in category.

Aqurate recommendations on cart - example

The Frequently bought together recommendations widget on cart and cart pop-up is a powerful tool that can significantly benefit your online shop.

This widget suggests additional products that are commonly purchased together with the items already in the customer's cart.

  Increase in the Average Order Value.


Over 10 product recommendation types you can choose from


Aqurate Personalize comes with several types of product recommendations that can be accessed after your eCommerce shop was linked to Aqurate.

You can choose which product recommendations you want to display on your website, as well as the pages you want to display them on, to increase your marketing KPIs.  Here are some of the most used recommendations:

      Recommended for you
      Frequently bought together
      Alternative products
      Upsell to
      New in store
      Popular now
    &  more

Ready to increase your revenue?

Free for 30 days. No credit card required.

Aqurate Personalize results on Net revenue
Aqurate Personalize results on average order value
Aqurate Personalize results on conversion rate
Aqurate Personalize results on user engagement

Advanced Merchandising Rules

Activate this add-on for Aqurate Personalize to meet your business goals by prioritizing high-margin products, specific vendors, brands, campaigns, or product categories.


Prioritize specific brands

Businesses can leverage this capability to strengthen partnerships with preferred brands or to showcase exclusive collaborations, driving brand awareness and loyalty among customers.


Get aligned with active campaigns

Advanced merchandising rules allow shops to dynamically adjust recommendations based on the ongoing campaigns, ensuring that users receive consistent messaging and maximizing the impact of cross-channel marketing efforts.


Aqurate Personalize - custom business rules (merchandising rules)
Aqurate custom Merchandising rules - app preview

Prioritize high-margin items

By strategically prioritizing high-margin items through personalized product recommendations, businesses maximize their revenue potential and improve overall profitability by focusing on items that offer greater returns.


Clear out excess inventory

With advanced merchandising rules, shops can target personalized recommendations towards clearing out excess inventory or overstocked items.

This proactive approach not only helps free up valuable storage space but also prevents potential losses associated with excess inventory.


Send personalized product recommendations via email


Email is a great channel to engage with your audience, and usually drives great return-on-investment (ROI) in marketing.

Aqurate Personalize computes the most probable future purchases of each user, based on their personal history, as well as the general behavior of your users, allowing you to provide truly personal content for each email recipient.

The end result? Higher relevance of your emails, higher brand affinity, more purchases, and a higher customer lifetime value (CLV).

Aqurate Personalize - mail integration - Mailchimp
Aqurate Personalize - mail integration - ActiveCampaign
Aqurate Personalize - mail integration - Klaviyo
Aqurate Personalize - mail integration - Newsman

Keep a close eye on Aqurate's performance

In the Dashboard, you're able to see how much extra money has Aqurate brought you.

Aqurate Dashboard

Activate Aqurate and see the results

Free for 30 days. No credit card required.

Easy implementation

Up & running with minimal effort. Ready to use within 24 hours.


Delivery via API, no JS injection. Doesn't affect your page speed.

Your native design

Fits your brand style. No need for additional CSS to keep up to date.


Display recommendations on the website and send them by email.

Our product recommendations are driven
by a performant AI model


Aqurate Personalize uses AI to display product recommendations and does not suggest out-of-stock products. Moreover, it automatically displays recommendations even for newly added product items.


   Daily model training
To catch purchasing trends

   Own tracking pixel
For relevant recommendations

   Over 99.5% product coverage
To make the most out of each visitor

Aqurate personalize - similar and cross-sell product recommendations mockup

Integrated with various eCommerce platforms and tools

Aqurate seamlessly integrates with a variety of eCommerce platforms,
enabling shops to harness the power of personalized product recommendations.

Trusted by some of the fastest growing
retailers and eCommerce players in Europe

Aqurate Personalize helped us achieve a 13% increase in our net revenue, owed to displaying the right product recommendations to each website visitor. Thus, online shoppers were presented with an online experience tailored to their tastes, which led them to spend more.

We were pleased to see a 25% increase in our conversion rate, owed to a smart investment in Aqurate’s product recommendation engine. This way we invested in a long-term profit-generating tool and did not have to go beyond the allocated marketing budget to generate higher sales.

With so much of our focus going into day-to-day operations, being able to understand our performance along the customer journey provides a breath of fresh air.


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higher conversion
rate with Aqurate
Dasha case study - Aqurate Personalize

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