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Case Studies

How Neakaisa.ro increased its net revenue by 9% with Aqurate Personalize

In recent years, the eCommerce market has grown significantly, accompanied by a considerable number of challenges, such as the growing need for personalisation and security of online payments. The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) has seen a notable increase and users have shown a need for increased personalisation at every stage of the purchasing process. Therefore, in such a competitive environment, the use of AI-based personalisation tools is becoming increasingly important. NETOPIA Payments and Aqurate bring extensive experience in online payments and expertise in AI-based personalized recommendations, providing solutions for business growth in the digital environment.

About Neakaisa.ro

Neakaisa.ro is a company that has been built on a passion for combining beauty and functionality. With over 9 years of experience on the market, their product range has continuously expanded, currently offering over 15,000 items. Innovative solutions for bathroom decoration hold a special place for Neakaisa.ro, as the most important section of their online store. In 2022, Neakaisa.ro achieved a business turnover of 5.7 million euros, marking a significant 20% growth compared to 2021.

The objectives

Neakaisa.ro decided to stay ahead of competitors by implementing AI-driven personalization tools. The company's primary objective was to raise its net revenue by automating product recommendations and increasing the average order value without incurring additional marketing expenses. As a solution, Neakaisa.ro decided to use the Aqurate Personalize advanced product recommendations, based on AI.


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