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Case Studies

How The Home increased its AOV by 16% with Aqurate Personalize

The eCommerce landscape has witnessed significant growth in recent years, albeit accompanied by its fair share of challenges. The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) has experienced a notable increase, and users have indicated a demand for enhanced personalization at every stage of the purchasing process. Consequently, in a highly competitive environment, the utilization of marketing automation and personalization tools driven by AI is becoming progressively important.

About The Home

In a few years, The Home has evolved from a small online store to a business involving dozens of employees and collaborators, a comprehensive website, and three showrooms with unique displays, one in Bucharest and two in Cluj-Napoca. The Home portfolio gathers more than 100,000 products and 200 brands and is in continuous expansion. The products sold are based on a minimalist style, strongly inspired by Scandinavian design, but with a warmer side, sprinkled with vintage-inspired pieces and rustic influences. The Home is running on the MerchantPro eCommerce platform, which is natively supported by Aqurate.


The objectives

The Home decided to stay ahead of competitors by implementing AI-driven personalization tools. The company's primary objective was to increase the average value of orders placed, as the increasing CAC made it imperative to maximize the return extracted from each customer. As a solution, The Home decided to use the Aqurate Personalize advanced product recommendations, based on AI.


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The Home Case Study



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