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AI-driven personalization tools to boost your eCommerce shop

Connect your shop with Aqurate and boost your conversions, AOV, and customer retention through personalized product recommendations.


   Advanced AI product recommendations engine

   Personalize across web, email and app

  Try it free for 30 days and see the results


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Aqurate Personalize helps you generate up to 23% higher revenue


   Improve Conversion Rate 

   Increase the Average Order Value

   Increase Customer Retention

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up to 23% incresed revenue with Aqurate
Aqurate Personalize - product recommendations example

Get the most out of each visitor with personalized product recommendations

Using AI-driven technology, Aqurate delivers highly targeted product recommendations to each customer, based on their previous interactions with the shop.


  Over 10 product recommendation types 

   Multiple placements on website pages

   Send personalized recommendations via email

   Advanced performance tracking

   Add custom merchandising rules



Advanced Merchandising Rules

This add-on for Aqurate Personalize tool helps you to meet your business goals by prioritizing high-margin products, specific vendors, brands, campaigns, or product categories.

Advanced merchandising rules allow for precise control over which products are showcased, enabling your business to manage inventory more effectively.

By promoting slow-moving items or seasonal products, companies can optimize sales and reduce surplus stock.

Aqurate Personalize - custom business rules (merchandising rules)

Integrated with various eCommerce platforms and tools

Aqurate seamlessly integrates with a variety of eCommerce platforms,
enabling shops to harness the power of personalized product recommendations.

Rising competition?

Increase conversion rates and AOV
with AI-driven personalization.

Increasing costs?

Lower your customer acquisition costs
by increasing the conversion rate.

Need to be more efficient?

Save time and money using highly
automated personalization tools.

Three simple steps to run Aqurate

Unlocking personalized product recommendations with Aqurate is as simple as these three steps.


Connect your shop


Wait up to 24h to train the AI


Display recommendations

Free for 30 days. No credit card required.


Trusted by some of the fastest growing
retailers and eCommerce players in Europe

Aqurate Personalize helped us achieve a 13% increase in our net revenue, owed to displaying the right product recommendations to each website visitor. Thus, online shoppers were presented with an online experience tailored to their tastes, which led them to spend more.

We were pleased to see a 25% increase in our conversion rate, owed to a smart investment in Aqurate’s product recommendation engine. This way we invested in a long-term profit-generating tool and did not have to go beyond the allocated marketing budget to generate higher sales.

With so much of our focus going into day-to-day operations, being able to understand our performance along the customer journey provides a breath of fresh air.


Resources & Reports. No fluff and sales pitches.


Product Pages that Convert

Download our latest eBook for eCommerce shops!

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