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Product Pages That Convert

This eBook provides actionable advice for significantly improving your website's conversion rate. 

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3 Key Components

to ensure that your product pages are designed to drive sales

To help you create the best product detail pages, we have developed a unique framework, detailing the 3 must-have characteristics for any product page:

thick mark  The Product Component

thick mark  The Persuasion Component

thick mark  The Personalization Component

Aqurate eBook - product page personalization components the 3 Ps

About Aqurate

Aqurate provides AI-driven personalization tools that help eCommerce shops get the most out of each website visitor, boosting conversions, AOV, and customer retention through personalized product recommendations and behavioral segmentation.

🚀 Online shops increased their revenue by up to 23% using Aqurate


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FRONT COVER - PDP that convert2