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Case Studies

How Arta Ceaiului increased the value of its orders by 23% with product recommendations

In recent years, the eCommerce landscape has witnessed significant growth, albeit accompanied by its fair share of challenges. The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) has experienced a notable increase, and users have indicated a demand for enhanced personalization at every stage of the purchasing process. Consequently, in a highly competitive environment, the utilization of marketing automation and personalization tools driven by AI is becoming progressively important.

About Arta Ceaiului

Arta Ceaiului was born out of a desire to share the passion for the world of tea and coffee with as many aficionados as possible. Initially, it began as a small family venture, dedicated to promoting products for a healthy lifestyle. Through unwavering dedication to their customers, they earned the prestigious title of ''Best Online Shop'' in the food category at the GPEC eCommerce competition for the years 2016, 2017, and 2019. Operating both online and offline stores, Arta Ceaiului quickly became one of the most renowned names in the Romanian tea and coffee industry.

The objectives

Arta Ceaiului decided to stay ahead of competitors by implementing AI-driven personalization tools. The company's primary objective was to increase the value of its orders by suggesting to customers automatic product recommendations tailored to their liking. As a solution, Arta Ceaiului decided to use the Aqurate Personalize advanced product recommendations, based on AI.

How it works

Aqurate helped gather user interaction data from the website and input it into its state-of-the-art, product recommendation engine. To facilitate data gathering, Aqurate offers 1-click seamless integrations for a range of data sources.

The solution is contingent on analyzing and interpreting large volumes of customer behavior data (buying, clicking, adding to cart, etc.). It compares similar actions of different potential customers and predicts what a particular user is interested in.

The most relevant items for users are visible on the website through two native widgets, one showcasing substitute products and the other widget showing bundled items for better cross-sell results. Once the personalized recommendations are computed, the items are sent via API to be displayed in the widgets. They can also reach customers through other channels like email, native apps, and pop-ups.

By incorporating product recommendations into our website, we created a more tailored shopping experience, showing customers that we understand their preferences. This led to a 23% increase in the value of the orders, which showed us the utility of Aqurate Personalize for the company’s success."

Ionut Anghel, CEO at Arta Ceaiului

The results

To adequately evaluate the impact of Aqurate Personalize, we conducted a time series comparison, by looking at Arta Ceaiului’s website with and without Aqurate Personalize in comparable time periods. After cleaning the possible differences between the number of sessions, the comparison showed that the value of the orders increased by 23% with Aqurate’s recommendations. Further, the number of products within one order placed have increased with up to 15%.

"Our fulfillment lies in empowering businesses such as Arta Ceaiului to provide personalized experiences to their customers, leading to a distinctive edge in the competitive eCommerce landscape."

Vlad Marincas, CEO Aqurate


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