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Case Studies

Case Study: How Librex improved its personalization efforts with Aqurate Personalize

The eCommerce landscape has witnessed significant growth in recent years, albeit accompanied by its fair share of challenges. The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) has experienced a notable increase, and users have indicated a demand for enhanced personalization at every stage of the purchasing process. Consequently, in a highly competitive environment, the utilization of marketing automation and personalization tools driven by AI is becoming progressively important.

About Librex

Librex is an online bookstore, whose story began in the summer of 2010. Nearly 14 years later, Librex does more than just sell books. In 2016, the main business was joined by a book editing component, further diversifying their offerings, and solidifying their position in the market. The company had a 1.5 million euro turnover in 2021, and now the website has 120K visits monthly.

The objectives

Librex decided to stay ahead of competitors by implementing AI-driven personalization tools. The company’s objective was to increase their personalization efforts, by offering a tailored shopping experience and increasing the discovery of products relevant to the users’ preferences. As a solution, Librex decided to use the Aqurate Personalize advanced product recommendations, based on AI.


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Librex - Case Study

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