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Aqurate study: Winter holidays bring 28% higher sales than the annual monthly average

December is knocking on all of our doors...🔔
Jingle bells, mulled wine, and the Christmas holidays are just around the corner!

But guess what? December is also the month that brings online shops higher sales than the annual monthly average, according to our study.

"The Christmas holiday is one of the peak shopping seasons in eCommerce. We analyzed a representative sample of online stores, and our measurements show an overall sales increase of 28%. What we see differently from Black Friday, another peak period that has just passed, is a greater focus on "Furniture", "Equipment & accessories", and a reduction in growth for a key Black Friday area, the "Electronics" category" says Vlad Marincaș, our CEO.

Top 7 categories in December, by online sales growth:

- Furniture +58.8%
- Equipment & accessories +53.6%
- Baby & toddler +50.9%
- Books and multimedia +48.8%
- Art and entertainment +27.8%
- Food, drinks & tobacco +27.6%
- Electronics +23.5%

The survey was conducted on a sample of over 80 online stores across 10 eCommerce categories. The largest increases occurred in the: "Furniture", "Equipment & accessories", and "Baby & Toddler" categories.


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