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Aqurate study: Black Friday brings 45% higher sales than the annual monthly average among monitored online stores

The month of November, which annually includes Black Friday, brings 45% higher sales to online stores than the annual monthly average. The study was conducted on a sample of more than 80 online shops in 10 eCommerce categories.

The top 10 increases in online sales, in November by category are:

- Baby & Toddler, +75.8%.
- Health & Beauty, +55.5%
- Home & Garden, +55.1%
- Electronics, + 50.3%
- Books and multimedia, + 48.3%
- Clothing and accessories, + 40.9%
- Pet shops, + 40.7%
- Art and entertainment, + 38.9%
- DIY, + 34.7%
- Food, beverages, and tobacco, + 10.7%

"Year after year, the impact of Black Friday across the entire month of November brings a spike in sales, often unmatched, nor at Christmas, Easter, or other peak times in the online shopping calendar. We analyzed a representative sample of online stores and the metrics show an overall increase of 45.7%."

- Vlad Marincaș, CEO and co-founder of Aqurate

"This year, we are organizing the biggest Black Friday on doraly.ro, Super Black Friday. We have three times more products than last year. With the help of our partners in the product recommendation area, as well as the AI technology that Aqurate Personalize relies on, we will be able to offer customers the best products, aligned with their needs. We believe that this year sales will reach a new all-time high and we will also see a substantial increase in the value of the shopping basket."

- Andrei Gheorghe, E-Business Director and CMO of Doraly.ro

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