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Click-to-Door concept – A comprehensive eCommerce market analysis report

Click-to-Door - a revolutionary concept

We have compiled a detailed report, together with our partners at Postis, to study the complete customer journey for the eCommerce market. 

Businesses can use the findings in this report to optimize their retail, marketing, and logistical processes to save money, increase customer engagement, and boost sales.

Removing guesswork from the equation

With the launch of this report, a critical need for eCommerce players is being addressed: analyzing the entire buying experience. This starts from the first online interaction and ends with the delivery of products to the customer's door.

Regardless of size or industry vertical, the Click-to-Door report is a useful tool for optimizing the online buying process for all eCommerce companies.
Check out the following recorded webinar if you want to find out why experts believe that an integrated approach of the acquisition process is vital for any eCommerce player and their client's experience.


For the first edition of the report, we analyzed 35 online shops, analyzing more than 15 million clicks that translated to a total of over half a million orders. Using 64 different metrics, we uncovered what drives customers to buy more, refuse less, and have overall higher satisfaction with retailers during eCommerce transactions.

5 Key Findings & Vital Touchpoints into the Complete Customer Journey

  1. Cash on delivery influences conversion and refusal rates.

  2. Refusal rates differ depending on where web traffic originates.

  3. Optimizing delivery quality lowers refusal rate, increases on-time rate, and increases customer satisfaction.

  4. Email and referral traffic increase average order value.

  5. The quality of the recommendation engine is associated with the number of webpage visits, direct traffic, and volume of orders.


Download the full report

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