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InsightOut Analytics becomes Aqurate

We are excited to announce that InsightOut Analytics is now Aqurate, with a completely new look, including a new logo and an improved website!

Why rebrand?

Three years ago, we embarked on a journey to help businesses in the eCommerce, Internet, and Media industries to gain competitive advantages through data-driven insights and predictions by using AI and Machine Learning technology.

Based on our experience and increasing demand, we worked hard to develop 3 new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools, focused on helping eCommerce shops to gain more accurate insights about their online business efforts and to personalize their marketing messages and promotions, based on their customers’ behavior.

“In 2022 eCommerce shops need to have an authentic relationship with each customer, this being translated into AI personalized product recommendations, elevated website experiences, as well as perfectly tailored marketing messages and promotions. If an eCommerce shop doesn’t quickly collect accurate data, then those in charge of the business cannot react fast enough and are thus deprived of making informed decisions.”

Vlad Marincas, CEO and co-founder Aqurate


As our scope and team grew, we felt it was important that our brand also keeps the pace with our team’s efforts. Aqurate better reflects our platform-centric vision and what we can provide to our clients. Our focus continues to be offering high-quality SaaS products that help eCommerce shops unlock the power of their own data.

What does our new logo represent?

A company’s logo is an essential element in defining its brand image, which is why we have changed ours to symbolize the precision of the data science tools we provide.


The logo’s icon depicts an abstracted target, with each of the resulting pieces symbolizing an Aqurate tool and therefore underlining our platform-centric strategy. When an eCommerce shop makes use of the entire Aqurate platform, it leverages analytics and AI-driven tools that elevate the online business to the next level – all fueled by data.

Why did we create a new website?

According to the saying, “New home, new roof”, we also decided to migrate under a new “roof”, so that our website visitors’ experience better matches our vision, mission, and product offering. Our goal is to provide a fully immersive experience through a fast and user-friendly navigation, as well as up-to-date information.

Is Aqurate a different company?

At the end of this announcement, we want to assure you that at its core, Aqurate is the same company, run by the same people, but with a higher aspiring goal when it comes to next-generation AI-driven eCommerce shops.

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