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Is your website ready to use an AI-driven product recommendation engine?

Surprising as this might sound, with the right information on your side, you could be generating up to 30% more revenue than you are now! The secret lies in providing your customers with personalized shopping experience!

Calculate your Personalization Readiness Score

The Personalization Readiness Score is a valuable metric ranging from 0 to 10, meant to help you identify how you can improve your shop's personalization efforts!

Complete the form below to find out whether you need AI-driven product recommendations, manual/rule-based product recommendations, or no recommendations altogether.

After the form completion, you'll receive an email with your personalization readiness score, the type of recommendations that fit your online shop, and their benefits.

Complete the form:



Read the Case Study: How The Home increased its AOV by 16% using Aqurate Personalize →


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