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eCommerce Email Marketing Personalization: The NewsMAN-Aqurate Integration

One of the key strategies to personalize the shopping experience of your website visitors is through product recommendation newsletters. By guiding customers on their path to that much-desired purchase, they can become true advocates for your brand.

In fact, 75% of consumers find receiving personalized recommendations as "very cool" whereas 68% of them believe it's worth sharing their personal information in exchange for relevant offers, recommendations, and discounts. (Epsilon, Power of Me)

As this study suggests, the conclusion is clear: investing in personalized product recommendations is worthwhile. To simplify it, besides adding them to your website there is one other way to deliver them: via email!

Benefits of personalized email marketing with product recommendations

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers and grow your online store. And when we introduce artificial intelligence into the mix, its impact is amplified. The integration of NewsMAN with Aqurate can make a difference in the competitive world of eCommerce, adding extra value to promotional efforts and email marketing campaigns.

NewsMAN is a well-known name in the world of email marketing in Romania. With a deep understanding of the local market, a robust infrastructure, and advanced technologies, NewsMAN provides reliable email marketing solutions for eCommerce.

You can connect Aqurate with the NewsMAN email marketing service to create and send automated emails and newsletters with personalized product recommendations. In just a few clicks, you can integrate the two services and have your campaigns delivered directly to the inbox, as soon as a potential customer has shown interest in specific products.

How does the NewsMAN-Aqurate integration work?

Check it out on our knowledge base!


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