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Aqurate partners up with MerchantPro, the most popular eCommerce platform in Romania

We're excited to announce a great new partnership with one of the Romanian leading eCommerce platforms – MerchantPro.


MerchantPro is the most popular SaaS eCommerce solution in Romania. With over 15 years of experience, they have made eCommerce accessible, allowing any merchant to develop a stable, high-performance, and up-to-date online business.

Through our collaboration with MerchantPro, we provide a fast, 1-click integration with Aqurate Personalize – our AI-driven product recommendations engine.

Personalize your users' experience with targeted product recommendations

Aqurate Personalize helps you generate up to 30% higher revenue by displaying the right product recommendations to each visitor, thus increasing the conversion rate and average order value.

Within your MerchantPro platform, you can activate various types of product recommendations, such as cross-sell and substitutes items, and display them on the product detail page and cart, offering your customers a personalized online shopping experience. Also, you can use these product recommendations to personalize your newsletters, increasing the returning customer rate.

Join the other successful MerchantPro and Aqurate users

High-growth eCommerce players using MerchantPro platform chose to give Aqurate Personalize a try. Online shops like kitunghii.ro, savelectro.ro, and pensulemachiaj.ro are already using Aqurate Personalize. Other companies from the same industries using Aqurate increased their conversions, AOV, and net revenue.

If you’re using MerchantPro and want to implement Aqurate Personalize on your eCommerce shop to boost your revenue, sign up below.

Get Aqurate for MerchantPro


For further information, check out our knowledge base or contact us.

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