Set up Aqurate Personalize in Magento 2.x

The easiest way to install and display Aqurate Personalize on your shop.

⏳ Duration: 5 minutes

🎚️ Complexity: medium

📌 Prerequisites

1. An Aqurate account (get it at

2. An active integration of your Magento data (how to connect your shop)

3. An active subscription with Aqurate Personalize

Recommendation types

The following types of recommendations are available natively for Magento2:

📌 Product Page

📌 Cart

🤔 Not sure where to start? Choose the ⭐ option as default.

How it works

To access the Aqurate Module for Magento2, log into you Magento shop and go to Stores > Configuration > Aqurate > Personalize.

Basic configuration

Cross-sell recommendations

We recommend displaying cross-sell recommendations on the product detail pages as well as on the cart. You can choose whether products are displayed as carousel.


Substitute recommendations

We recommend displaying substitute recommendations on the product detail pages. You can choose whether products are displayed as carousel.Magento_Config_2

Advanced configuration


Keep the default ( unless you have a custom URL provided by Aqurate.

Number of products

The number of products displayed for each type of recommendations. Maximum is 30.

Substitutes and Cross-sell Frequency and Time

Recommendations are computed daily, unless you have an enterprise subscription with custom retraining schedule. We recommend setting the schedule daily, at a time when there is less traffic on your website.

Aqurate Pixel Script

Currently not supported. Please leave blank.


Questions about getting started? We're excited to help: