Connect your Magento 2.x shop with Aqurate

In this article, you'll discover how to connect your Magento 2.x shop to Aqurate in a few easy steps.

⏳ Duration: 10 minutes 
🎚️ Complexity: high

πŸ“Œ Prerequisites

1. An Aqurate account (get it at

2. A Magento 2.x account with Admin access level.

Connecting your Magento shop with Aqurate works through our native Magento 2 Module.

1. Installing the Magento2 Module

  1. Download the zipped Magento2 module from here: πŸ‘‰ Aqurate Magento2 Module
  2. Unzip the zip file in app/code/ (The module folder path is: app/code/AqurateAi/Recommendations/)
  3. Run the following command lines in your terminal:
    1. Enable the module by running php bin/magento module:enable AqurateAi_Recommendations
    2. Apply database updates by running php bin/magento setup:upgrade
    3. Compile php bin/magento setup:di:compile
    4. Deploy static content (choose one option from below)
      1. php bin/magento setup:static:deploy - PRODUCTION MODE
      2. php bin/magento setup:static:deploy -f - DEVELOPER MODE
    5. Flush the cache by running php bin/magento cache:flush
  4. Go to Stores > Configuration. If you see the AQURATE integration, you have succeeded with this step πŸŽ‰.

2. Establishing the connection

  1. Generate an API key in your Aqurate account
    1. Go to your Aqurate account πŸ‘‰ API Keys
    2. Click on Generate API keyGenerateAPIKey
    3. Under presets, select Magento2 and generate the key
    4. Copy the key
  2. Add the API key to the Aqurate Module in Magento2
    1. In Magento2, go to Stores > Configuration > Aqurate > Personalize
    2. Under API Key, paste the key from 1.d.Magento_API_Key
    3. Click on Save Config.
  3. Create the integration in Magento2 
    1. In Magento2, go to Stores > Configuration > Aqurate > Personalize
    2. Click on Create integration. Do not click on Authorize next.Magento_Create_Integration
    3. Go to System > Integrations
    4. For the aqurate integration, click on ReauthorizeMagento_Reauthorize
    5. On the pop-up window, click on Reauthorize
    6. Enter your Aqurate credentials in the pop-up, if needed

You’re done! Please note that it might take up to 24 hours to see your data in Aqurate.


⚠️ Running Magento 2.4.4 and up?

Before moving on to Step 2, please go to Stores β†’ Configuration β†’ Services β†’ Oauth and select Yes for "Allow OAuth Access Tokens to be used as standalone Bearer tokens". Then click on Save Config.

Connect your Magento 2.x shop with Aqurate pict.2 - Magento_2.4.4_Bearer_tokens

Next steps:

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