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InsightOut Map 2022 - eCommerce


A comparison of the top E-Commerce players in 7 categories: Fashion, Electronics, Cosmetics, Books, Home, Brico and Baby&Toddler.

The InsightOut Map 2022 assesses the Digital Presence and Digital Maturity of the most competitive players in the Romanian eCommerce field.

To assess the Digital Presence and Digital Maturity, our proprietary methodology computes 6 dimensions,16 sub-dimensions, and 41 features.


All score evaluations are made intra-category. Players are categorized based on their main category, although some players offer products in multiple categories.

To download the InsightOut Map 2022 for any category, follow the links below:

  1. Fashion - InsightOut Map 2022

  2. Electronics - InsightOut Map 2022

  3. Cosmetics - InsightOut Map 2022

  4. Books - InsightOut Map 2022

  5. Home - InsightOut Map 2022

  6. Brico - InsightOut Map 2022

  7. Baby&Toddler - InsightOut Map 2022


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