Connect your PrestaShop (1.6 and up) store with Aqurate.

After you've signed up in Aqurate, the next step is to connect your PrestaShop store to Aqurate.

⏳ Duration: 10 minutes 
🎚️ Complexity: low

📌 Prerequisites

1. An Aqurate account (get it at

2. A PrestaShop account with Admin access level.


Connecting your PrestaShop store with Aqurate starts with generating an API key in PrestaShop. Don’t worry - this is extremely easy and we’ll take you through the process.

📖 A guide for generating the API key is available in PrestaShop’s Documentation and it includes more details and screenshots.

Whichever guide you use, please consult steps 4 and 5 below, as they are specific to Aqurate.

Step 1

Log into your PrestaShop admin, go to “Advanced Parameters” > “Web service”, and under the “Enable PrestaShop Webservice” choose “Yes”. Then hit “Save”.

Step 2

Still under “Advanced Parameters” > “Web service”, choose “Add new web service key”, and then click “Generate” to get the key. Copy that key, we will need it later.

Step 3

Add your “Key Description” (for example, you can call it “Aqurate”), and make sure the “Status” is set to “Yes”.

⚠️ Use a different key for each integration. This way, you can easily manage access to your data and revoke keys if needed.

Step 4

In the “Permissions” area, activate the required data streams as indicated below, then hit “Save”.

👉 Check the “GET” checkmark for:

  • carts
  • categories
  • combinations
  • customers
  • customizations
  • deliveries
  • images
  • order_details
  • order_histories
  • order_invoices
  • order_payments
  • order_slip
  • order_states
  • orders
  • product_feature_values
  • product_features
  • product_option_values
  • products_options
  • products
  • shops
  • stock_availables
  • stock_movements
  • taxes

Step 5

Log into your Aqurate account, go to "Integrations" and search for "PrestaShop". Hit the Connect button

In the pop-up window, paste the API key (obtained at Step 2).

Step 6

You’re done! Please note that it might take up to 24 hours to see your data in Aqurate.

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Questions about permissions or getting started? We're excited to help: