API scopes for Magento 2.x

How to check the necessary scopes of the API connection of Magento 2.x to Aqurate.

When you set up the Aqurate Module for Magento 2.x (installation guide here), the appropriate scopes of the API are automatically set. However, should you need to double-check that, here is a list of the required data.

Accessing the API Scopes

  1. To access the specific page, log into your Magento 2.x shop.
  2. Then go to System > Integration.
  3. Find the Aqurate integration, and click on the pencil icon in the Edit column.
  4. Under Basic Settings, select API.

Selecting the correct API Scopes

To work well, the integrations needs the following scopes to be selected.

  • Sales > Operations > Orders > Actions > View
  • Catalog > Inventory > Products
  • Catalog > Inventory > Categories
  • Customers > All Customers > Actions
  • Stores > Settings > Configuration > Inventory Section
  • Stores > Settings > All Stores
  • Inventory > Sources
  • Inventory > Stocks
  • Inventory > Sales Stock

Once you're done, hit Save.


Questions about API Scopes in Magento 2.x? We're excited to help: support@aqurate.ai