Send emails containing personal product recommendations with Aqurate Personalize

A step-by-step guide on how to drive customer loyalty by sending personal product recommendations via email.

⏳ Duration: 5 minutes 
🎚️ Complexity: low

📌 Prerequisites

1. An active Personalize subscription

2. User recommendations active (enable them here if necessary)

3. An active integration between Aqurate and your email marketing tool

Why send personal product recommendations via email? 

Email is a great channel to engage with your audience, and usually drives great return-on-investment (ROI) in marketing.

Aqurate Personalize computes the most probable future purchases of each user, based on their personal history, as well as the general behavior of your users. These personal product recommendations are available through our email integrations, and allow you to provide truly personal content for each email recipient.

The end result? Higher relevance of your emails, higher brand affinity, more purchases, and a higher customer lifetime value (CLV).

💡 Keep in mind, customer retention is usually much more effective than customer acquisition.

How to use Aqurate Personalize via Email?

After you have successfully connected your email marketing tool in the Aqurate App, you can configure the recommendations module and export it as HTML code block.

1. Go to Aqurate App > Email to  configure the look of your recommendations

Click on Configuration

After you configure the look and feel of the module, you have 3 options:

  • Save - save the current configuration to use in the future and set as starting point of any new configuration;
  • Reset - return to the last saved configuration;
  • Get module - generate the code block to use in your email software;

2. Acknowledge the notification about the tag and number of recommendations per user

Click on Acknowledge

⚠️ Only send emails with recommendations to users who have them computed.

Remember not to send emails with the generated code block to contacts that don't have the Aqurate Personalize tag in the email marketing tool. These contacts will see raw code displayed instead of an appealing design. 

Each contact with the Aqurate Personalize tag has an exact number of 6 personalized product recommendations. (For some contacts we might also recommend best-sellers if our module could not generate personalized content).

3. Copy the generated code and add it as an HTML code block in the email marketing tool

Click on Copy

💡 Please note that for some integrations, the HTML code will be pushed directly to the email marketing tool, without the need for copying and pasting it.

Next steps?

You are now ready to send emails with personalized product recommendations to your contacts. There are 2 types of emails we encourage you to send:

  • Automated email - build a journey for your contacts to receive emails based on specific triggers (i.e. x days after a purchase);
  • Regular email - include personalized recommendations in any regular email campaign;

Don't worry, we will guide you on how to send Aqurate Personalize recommendations from your email marketing tool:



Questions about permissions or getting started? We're excited to help: