Connect your Brevo account with Aqurate

Find out how to connect your Brevo account with Aqurate in order to send truly personal emails to your audience.

⏳ Duration: 5 minutes 

🎚️ Complexity: low

➡️ Prerequisites

  • An active Personalize subscription

1. In your Brevo home, click on on the tab with your account from the right side and then on SMTP & API


2. Click on API Keys


3. Click on Generate a new API Key


4. Name your API Key and hit Generate


5. Your API Key have been generated. Click on copy key


6. In Aqurate, under integrations, find the Brevo integration and click on Connect


7. Paste the API key from step 5 and click on Save



You are done! 🚀

Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for the data in Brevo to be synchronized. You can then proceed to sending personalized emails.