Best practices for placing recommendations on your eCommerce website

What is the right on-page position for placing each type of recommendations?

📌 Prerequisites

1. An Aqurate account (get it at

2. An active integration of your Shop data (how to connect your shop)

3. An active subscription with Aqurate Personalize

📖 Resources

- Read our guide on how to Implement the Aqurate Personalize via API.

- Check out and test our endpoints in the Recommendation section of our docs.

The purpose of product recommendations

Product recommendations are in essence a product discovery tool. A good product recommendations tool will allow users to discover items that are highly relevant to them.

The main result of such a tool is a higher conversion rate from website visitors to customers.

The average order value (AOV) can also grow, especially when you are recommending cross-sell items (complementary) and up-sell items (items with a higher price or margin).

The product detail page (PDP)

You should add anywhere between 1 and 5 product recommendation widgets on your product detail pages. Each widget should display 4-5 items on desktop and 2-3 items on mobile.

Given the limited real estate, make sure to start with the most relevant ones. When using Aqurate Personalize, you should use the position value provided to sort the items.

Use the mock-ups below to help you decide where to place the widgets and what endpoint of Aqurate Personalize you should query for each.

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The easy start

The default option

The “I got this” attitude

1 widget 2 widgets 3 widgets
/similar /substitutes /substitutes
  /cross-sell /cross-sell
Best practices for placing recommendations-PDP - 1 widgetBest practices for placing recommendations-PDP - 2 widgetsBest practices for placing recommendations-PDP - 3 widgets

The cart overview page

The cart overview page is a great place to showcase cross-sell items and improve your AOV! However, this is a sensitive page as the deal is almost done, and you don’t want to drive customers away. That is why, you should only display one widget, with cross-sell items (for most businesses).

Use the mock-up below to help you decide where to place the widget and what endpoint of Aqurate Personalize you should query.

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The default option

1 widget


Best practices for placing recommendations on Cart

The value of experimentation

Two product recommendations widgets (substitutes and cross-sell items) on the PDP and one product recommendations widget (cross-sell items) on the cart is a great starting point for most businesses. However, it’s a good idea to experiment with the number, placement, and type of widgets. Also, the best way to measure what works is by doing A/B testing and finding the right mix for your visitors and customers.



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