Personalized Emails with Mailchimp Regular Emails

Find out how to send regular emails with personalized product recommendations from your Mailchimp account.

âŗ Duration: 10 minutes 
🎚ī¸ Complexity: low

➡ī¸ Prerequisites

  • An active Personalize subscription
  • An active integration between Aqurate and Mailchimp (enable it here)
1. Create a new email

Log into your Mailchimp account and click on Create.

Click on Create

2. Create a Regular email

Select to design a new Regular email.

Click on Design Email

3. Design the content of the email

To create your design click on Design Email.

Click on Design Email
4. Add the code block

Drag and drop the Code block into your design. 

Click on image

5. Add the Aqurate html code

Remove the code line pre-filled in the block and paste the html code you have copied from Aqurate > Email.

ℹī¸ How to generate the Personalize html code? Check this article.

Click on Save & Close

6. Select the audience tag

Select the recipients with the Aqurate Personalize tag to receive this email.

Click on Aqurate Personalize
  • Remember not to send email with the generated code block to contacts that don't have the Aqurate Personalize tag. If so, contacts will receive raw code displayed instead of personalized recommendations. 
  • Each contact market with the Aqurate Personalize tag will have 6 products calculated as personalized recommendations (for some contacts we might recommend also best-sellers if our module could not generate personalized content). You will be able to choose in the html module builder how many you send via email.

You are done! đŸš€  

Now you can send off your new campaign and measure the impact of the personalized recommendations in Google Analytics.

The links of the personalized product recommendations include Source and Medium to be tracked in Google Analytics.


Questions about permissions or getting started? We're excited to help: