How to set up advanced tracking for Aqurate Personalize using Google Tag Manager and GA4

Learn how to set up granular tracking in Google Tag Manager (GTM) and check the results in Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

If you decided to measure the performance of your Aqurate Personalize and want a deeper overview, in this article you’ll learn how to set up granular tracking in Google Tag Manager (GTM) and check the results in Google Analytics 4 (GA4).


Expected duration: 30 minutes ⏳
Technical complexity: medium


➡️ Prerequisites

  1. Account access and editing rights for Google Tag Manager (GTM)

  2. View rights for Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

  3. Active GA4 configuration and event tags within the GTM container. More details here.

  4. In the GTM “Variables” menu, activate all the “Clicks” variables. More details here.


Track click events on the product recommendation widgets


This event helps you track the clicks visitors make on any of the product recommendation widgets installed on your shop. In order to correctly track the events, we suggest you configure one event for each type of product recommendation widget displayed on your shop (substitutes/cross-sell).

💡 There are 3 main steps you will go through:

  1. Set up the Tag
  2. Set up the Trigger
  3. Get your unique Click ID code from your shop


Step 1 - Set up the Tag


  1. Go to “Tags” menu and click on the “New” button
  2. Add a relevant event name. For example, “GA Event – Click Substitutes”
  3. Click on “Tag Configuration” and choose “Google Analytics: GA4 Event”
    1. Enter the Measurement ID in the Configuration Tag field
    2. Enter the Event Name. For example, “click_substitutes” - this is the name you will then see in GA4

Aqurate recs event tag configure

Step 2 - Set up the Trigger


  1. Click on “Triggering” and choose to add a new trigger from the upper right plus icon
    1. Add a relevant name for this trigger (“click substitutes”)
    2. Click on “Trigger Configuration” and choose Click -> All elements
    3. Select the trigger to fire on “Some clicks”
    4. Select “Click ID” from the dropdown menu
    5. Select “equals” from the dropdown menu
    6. In the empty field, enter the specific ID Code you are getting in Step 3 - Get your unique Click ID code from your shop
    7. Save the newly added Tag and Trigger and you’re done!

Aqurate recs event trigger configure

Step 3 - Get your unique Click ID code from your shop


Enter a page on your shop where product recommendations widgets are displayed. Right-click on the widget, then click “Inspect”. Now you’ll need to find a specific ID code, at the very top of the widget <div> line, as in the picture below:

Aqurate recs find div ID code

⚠️ Please note that in your case, the value will probably be different from our example (“aqurateListSubstitutes”).

💡 Follow the steps above for all product recommendation widgets you displayed on your shop, as long as they have different IDs.


Check the events in GA4


After you finished configuring these events, you can inspect various metrics in GA4: the number of clicks for each event, the total users that clicked on recommendations, the average number of clicks a user made, and the revenue each event has generated.

Follow these steps to access the Events reports:

  1. Access your GA4 account
  2. Go to “Reports”, on the left side menu
  3. Go to “Engagement”, then “Events”
  4. Find the events name you previously created for Aqurate Recommendations (e.g. click_substitutes / click_cross-sell)

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